Buddy's Gourmet

Frank Bozzo and Pardeep Mehta founded Buddy’s Gourmet.  Combined they have 60 years experience in fresh Italian and Indian meal preparation using only the highest quality natural ingredients. 

They really are two buddy’s with a shared passion for food and they want to bring that wholesome food to families’ tables across Canada. 

Buddies Gourmet will help busy families serve healthy, wholesome, and fresh plates to the dinner table without prep time and in less then 30mins. Buddy’s Gourmet is founded on the belief that gourmet Italian and Indian food can be prepared and packaged to maintain convenience, without comprising quality and of coarse taste. These old fashion Italian and traditional Indian dishes can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep. 

Buddysgourmet.ca allows customers to view and order the complete line of Buddy’s Gourmet fresh entrees, fresh fully cooked gourmet pastas, sauces and Indian dishes. All of these products require no cooking. The meals can be simply prepared using ovens, microwaves or boiling water to heat and serve. This removes all the time and skill required in preparing such gourmet Italian and Indian meals. All orders will be delivered from Buddy’s Gourmet production kitchen to the customer’s home where it can be stored in coolers and or freezers until ready to serve and enjoy!